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Hunting is what we do. That's why we can provide you with one of the best free range full-service hunts in Argentina conducted in our La Pampa private Ranches.
Poitahue Hunting offers free range action through more than 85,000 acres of natural productive land which provide our fauna with excellent pasture and food, a priceless protection for several game species and birds against the harshness of winter.

Pure free range Big Game hunting over more than 13 species,  plus excellent wingshooting options for Doves, Pigeons, Perdiz and Ducks.  

Our family Hunting Ranches located in the province of La Pampa, Argentina.   Our "Estancia Poitahue" Ranch offers Big Game hunting packages for Red Deer, Puma, Buffalo, Blackbucks, wild rams, jabali plus other 6 big game species along with dove wingshooting options for the demanding hunters.  A premium services Ranch holding more than 60,000 acres of pure free range and excellent trophy game.  A combination of woods and plains providing fauna with excellent pasture and food, a priceless protection for several species against the harshness of winter.

In addition to our Poitahue Ranch we also own a second Ranch called "El Monasterio" with more than 10,000 acres of free range in a core location for wingshooting.  Feathers hunters will encounter excellent options for high volume dove, incredible pigeon over decoys, perdiz hunting driven by dogs and excellent duck hunting.   Our wingshooting grand slam involves Monasterio Ranch and other 7 nearby ranches of our family plus partner ranch for duck waterfowling.

El Monasterio ranch also runs a 4,500 acres preserve with trophy game for several species.  This preserve area is a key aspect of our free range quality management program.

As a proof of our high end hunting services, you may find interesting to know that we have developing a long term relationship with different top outfitters plus initiatives with pro hunters as Craig Boddington or Colorado Buck.

Everyone at Poitahue Hunting will go the extra mile to assure every hunter gets a truly premium hunting experience.  Premium accommodations, premium services, premium wines, beer and open bar; all ground transfers; pro guides & trackers; meeting and assistance at airports.

We, the owners, will receive you personally, providing the resources and experience to make your stay, a great hunting vacation.  “Poitahue” and “El Monasterio” ranches offers warm and friendly service. Be sure we will do everything within our power to give our guests a great stay and also a wonderful hunt.

For the companions not interested in hunting we offer the possibility to enjoy our lounge with satellite TV, access internet with wireless link, share a friendly conversation with your friends at the bar or just relax while tasting native food specially prepared by our professional chef.

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