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Pigeons & Doves & Partridges & Duck hunting

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With birds so plentiful you can easily shoot over 1,000 shells per day…

Poitahue Hunting offers you the most exciting dove hunting trip you may ever experience.

La Pampa provice is becoming a hot spot like Cordoba province. The flight of Doves and Pigeons continually fly back and forth between fields and provides our guests with virtually non-stop shooting. You can expect to shoot over 1000 shells per day. Shooting will be limited only by your timing and endurance.

Welcome to our circuit of seven family owned ranches specially selected for Pigeon & Dove hunting located in one of the most rustic places on the planet, but with all the luxuries of the great cities..

We provide our clients with impeccable service. From the moment we receive your reservation, every aspect of your trip is assembled and executed with the utmost of care.

“Poitahue”, “El Romaneo”, “The feed lot”, “La Blanca”, “Puesto Colorado”, “Anquiloo”, “Bajo de la Pala” and “El Monasterio” Ranches are part of our Dove & Pigeon Hunting Grand Slam tour.

Dove & Pigeon and Partridge hunting is one of the most exciting and dynamic sports in the world because it demands precision, speed, and often times flawless calculations. They have the ability to change directions within a thousandth of a second, so whether you’re a true professional or just an amateur, dove hunting is sure to fulfill all your sporting expectations. However if you have yet to hunt in Argentina, there is no comparison.

We also have selected a Duck Hunting partner with a high quality operaion so as to offer you a complete set of birg hunting activities.  This spot is located at 3 hs drive from our set of wing shooting Ranches.

The hunting is coordinated and conducted according to the preferences of our guests including lunch service on the field in order to minimize any disruption to the hunt. We offer personalized professional guides equipped with 4x4 vehicles, GPS and radio communications equipment.

We have packages suitable for all kind of schedules, from complete week packages, daily packages up to custom Wingshooting & Big Game combos.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more info on custom packages.  We can offer best bird hunting in our private ranches along with one of the bests Wing Shooting and Big Game mixed package...



Thanks for sharing Poitahue with our family. This is a beautiful place with nice healthy animals. We appreciate the hospitality from you and your staff.

Amy & Tal Elliot - Victoria, TX

Jan & Richard Elliot - Wiltan, TX

March 14th, 2012

The most fabulous place in the world, the people are so nice, the food and hunting was perfect! I will be back soon!

Pig Man – Mexia, TX

April 10th, 2012

Thank you for a great hunt and overall experience. The staff was excellent. Food unforgettable!! Rick and I hunted various places thru the world and this ranks right up there as excellent! We hope to see you again and if you are in America come see us!!

Rick & Bonnie Valdez - Payson, UT

April 14th, 2012

Alex, It was our pleasure to spend a few days with you, your efficient staff. We felt warmly received, and someone always there to help. Esther was a fantastic cook, Fierro always looking for good animals with Mencho adding his eyes to the field. Martin made sure our needs were met. We treasure our conversations regarding past hunts, the Argentine situation (and other topics) that we had with you. You are a gracious host. Muchas gracias.

Carol & Stan Wilson - Salt Lake City, UT

June 1st, 2012

Beautiful lodge and property, the hunting guides were the best I’ve ever experienced anywhere in the world! Very challenging hunting, which is the way it should be. Many thanks!

Peter & Michelle Bemond

April 8th, 2011

I feel better tonight. I went for a long run, which took away some of the guilt from your fantastic Poitahue food and incredible wine! This is one of the best places I had ever been! The lodge and staff are fantastic, the country is beautiful, and your free-range stag are wonderfully challenging. I am only sorry that my wife, Donna, didn´t shove this part of our Argentina adventure - Which means we must return! I cannot thank you enough!

Craig Boddington - Paso Robles, California

March 28th, 2009


Every thing was wonderful… except I thought the kitchen was too big!!
PS: We’ll be back!!

Jim Shockey - Canada

April 23rd, 2008

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