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Sportsman Channel & Craig Boddington

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Sportsman Channel Starts New Year with Stellar Show Lineup..

BIG GAME IN ARGENTINA with Craig Boddington.

See Craig's hunt for free range Red stag & blackbuck at Poitahue Hunting Ranch.

This is the first-ever big game hunting TV show shot entirely in Argentina. Join Craig Boddington as he travels to the best hunting destinations in this South American paradise spending more than a few days at Poitahue Hunting Ranch.. a must for his Big game agenda. This show is must-see television for anyone who has ever dreamt of taking a trip to the abundant far away land of Argentina. Watch Boddington as he hunts for Red Deer, Blackbuck, Brockett, Axis and Fallow Deer, as well as Water Buffalo, Wild Boar, Puma, White Lipped and Collared Peccary, Capybara, Mouflon and Himalayan Tahr.


Find out why people are calling Argentina "the future of hunting."

EPISODE 3: Estancia Poitahue Ranch – Red Stag & Blackbuck in La Pampa

Beginning the week of December 28, watch Big Game in Argentina. Air times: Monday 11am; Tuesday 7:30am; Wednesday 9:30pm; Friday 3:30pm & Sunday 8:30pm.

Check your local cable for programming and repetitions. Enjoy the show and good hunting!

More info about this lovely country please refer to its complimentary Big Game in Argentina book.

..."This book is quite a bit different from anything I've ever done. It is the first book in English on Argentinean big game, despite the fact that Argentina is, actually and perhaps surprisingly, the most popular hunting destination in the world. It is also the first "coffee table" book I've done in many a year, amazingly illustrated by Guillermo Zarraquin, a talented young Argentinean photographer who stuck with me through several months of hunting in pursuit of this book. Come to think of it, it was also the first time I've been accompanied by a professional still photographer, so we both learned much! The book includes hunting for most Argentinean big game species, with about a dozen outfitters. It's gorgeous, and I think it covers the subject extremely well"...Craig Boddington.