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Other Activities

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For those not interested in hunting, we offer horseback riding, trekking and photo safari outings.

Also, you can enjoy our lounge with satellite TV, share a friendly conversation with your friends at the bar or just relax while tasting local foods specially prepared by our professional chef.

Casino Club Santa Rosa
Located on National highway Nº 5 km 605 (Tel: +54 2954 - 43-1055), the " Casino Club" is considered the widest and modern in the country. Besides the habitual games of casino, it has many slot machines, restaurant, snack bar, Bingo and they are carried out musical shows every weekend.

"El Castillo" Museum    
This cultural attraction was declared National Historical Monument, together with other historical buildings such as “Tanque del Millón”, “Tambo Modelo”, and “Sala de Carruajes”. The Castle is a typical chateau of the 80’s and the belle époque. At the turn of the 20th century, the park became the first game preserve in the country, and The Castle was meeting place for important figures who decided about the provincialization of La Pampa.
This big old house was built in two stages. During the first one, the central part was constructed by Pedro O. Luro between 1907 and 1911.
Next to it, a wooden construction was used as dining room, game room, and armory. This building was later removed by Antonio Maura and two new wings were added to the main construction, made in concrete. Nowadays the house’s interior can be visited. The visit duration is about 50 minutes.


Located on a woodland on the south of the park, next to the lagoon. It a centenarian regional tree (Calden), discovered by Pedro Luro, who had a special admiration for this tree. He even had sculpt a small seat in front of it were he spend time meditating .

"Caldén de la Nena"

300 meter away from the house. This old Calden used to be called like this by Pedro Luro due to it was highly admired by Mrs. Esther Llavallol de Roca, Dr Julio A. Roca´s wife. He was the son of the Vice – President General Roca.

Panoramic View Spot
You can access his place by a signaled pathway that you can take going down the main asphalted road. It´s approximately 300 meters away located near the sandbank path.

Hermitage built during the eighties. On the inside, there is an image of the Inmaculada Concepción dedicated to Our Lady of Luján, patron saint of the Argentine Republic.


Monasterio Hunting Ranch


Thanks for sharing Poitahue with our family. This is a beautiful place with nice healthy animals. We appreciate the hospitality from you and your staff.

Amy & Tal Elliot - Victoria, TX

Jan & Richard Elliot - Wiltan, TX

March 14th, 2012

The most fabulous place in the world, the people are so nice, the food and hunting was perfect! I will be back soon!

Pig Man – Mexia, TX

April 10th, 2012

I feel better tonight. I went for a long run, which took away some of the guilt from your fantastic Poitahue food and incredible wine! This is one of the best places I had ever been! The lodge and staff are fantastic, the country is beautiful, and your free-range stag are wonderfully challenging. I am only sorry that my wife, Donna, didn´t shove this part of our Argentina adventure - Which means we must return! I cannot thank you enough!

Craig Boddington - Paso Robles, California

March 28th, 2009


Every thing was wonderful… except I thought the kitchen was too big!!
PS: We’ll be back!!

Jim Shockey - Canada

April 23rd, 2008