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Poitahue Hunting Ranch

Untamed land & non stop action

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Poitahue Hunting Ranch offers one of Argentina's best spots for Red Stags, Blackbucks, Water Buffalo and other exotics. A meeting place of endless Calden forests, green plains, sloped terrain and rich fauna. A mix that assures a unique scenery for a truly wild hunting experience, providing the opportunity of taking a medal Red Stag.

We offer some of the finest native game hunting, along with the possibility of harvesting more than 9 different exotics species. On top of this, hunters can opt for some of the best Dove and Pigeon sessions ever experienced.

Our family land offer a total of +85,000 acres of free range hunting paradise in between Poitahue Ranch plus "El Monasterio" and our "El Diamante" ranch.

The ranch holds a premium section prepared for Bow Hunters; a section specially selected for the demanding Archer!! There are no rifle hunts conducted on this section when hosting bowhunters at the ranch, so as to assure you a bow friendly experience.

Our staff includes a chef fully dedicated to preparing delicious home-style and world-class meals & desserts. Poitahue's Private Malbec wine and the best selection of beers will always be available at no extra charge.

We, the owners, will receive you personally providing the resources and experience to make your stay a great one...


Poitahue Hunting Ranch


Thanks for sharing Poitahue with our family. This is a beautiful place with nice healthy animals. We appreciate the hospitality from you and your staff.

Amy & Tal Elliot - Victoria, TX

Jan & Richard Elliot - Wiltan, TX

March 14th, 2012

The most fabulous place in the world, the people are so nice, the food and hunting was perfect! I will be back soon!

Pig Man – Mexia, TX

April 10th, 2012

I feel better tonight. I went for a long run, which took away some of the guilt from your fantastic Poitahue food and incredible wine! This is one of the best places I had ever been! The lodge and staff are fantastic, the country is beautiful, and your free-range stag are wonderfully challenging. I am only sorry that my wife, Donna, didn´t shove this part of our Argentina adventure - Which means we must return! I cannot thank you enough!

Craig Boddington - Paso Robles, California

March 28th, 2009


Every thing was wonderful… except I thought the kitchen was too big!!
PS: We’ll be back!!

Jim Shockey - Canada

April 23rd, 2008

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