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Thanks for sharing Poitahue with our family. This is a beautiful place with nice healthy animals. We appreciate the hospitality from you and your staff.

Amy & Tal Elliot - Victoria, TX

Jan & Richard Elliot - Wiltan, TX

March 14th, 2012

What an awesome place and trip! Great food & wine, excellent accommodations, and tremendous Wing Shooting and Big Game Hunting, but more important - Great people and new friends! Thanks so much!

Tom Cunningham - Downers Grove, IL

April 2nd, 2012

The most fabulous place in the world, the people are so nice, the food and hunting was perfect! I will be back soon!

Brian the PigMan – Mexia, TX

April 10th, 2012

Thank you for a great hunt and overall experience. The staff was excellent. Food unforgettable!! Rick and I hunted various places thru the world and this ranks right up there as excellent! We hope to see you again and if you are in America come see us!!

Rick & Bonnie Valdez - Payson, UT

April 14th, 2012

Alex, It was our pleasure to spend a few days with you, your efficient staff. We felt warmly received, and someone always there to help. Esther was a fantastic cook, Fierro always looking for good animals with Mencho adding his eyes to the field. Martin made sure our needs were met. We treasure our conversations regarding past hunts, the Argentine situation (and other topics) that we had with you. You are a gracious host. Muchas gracias.

Carol & Stan Wilson - Salt Lake City, UT

June 1st, 2012

Beautiful lodge and property, the hunting guides were the best I’ve ever experienced anywhere in the world! Very challenging hunting, which is the way it should be. Many thanks!

Peter & Michelle Bemond

April 8th, 2011

Great Ranch and Hunting: Rough but real hunting with great guides that help and insure a good and successful trip. Ranch staff very friendly and takes care of every desire. As always in Argentina people go beyond call of duty to insure your happiness. We hope everyone enjoys as much as we did. Again we can’t comment how great staff and guides are!

Charlie Nicholas – Dallas, Texas

April 12th, 2011

Absolutely wonderful time was had by everyone! The staff, guides, food, drinks (wine), & accommodations were fabulous. It is an incredible property with tremendous abundance of game. We will never forget this trip. Thanks for everything!!

Robert, Kallie, Jeanne, & Wade - Baton Rouge, LA

April 20th, 2011

Good hunting, good food, good wine & friends, what more could you ask. I had a great time hunting with you. Difficult with the bow but we harvested some great animals. Look for your name in the record books in a few months. I will have great memories of the time I spent with you and of hunting your ranch. Thank you very much for a great time.

Brian Vanderhoof - Purcellville, VA

April 21st, 2011

Alex, we want to “thank you” for your hospitality & all you did to make our stay so great. Your guides &staff were wonderful. The food even more so. You have a beautiful & peaceful place. We hope to be able to return in the future to share with our family & friends your place. 1st class all the way. Regards!!

John & Rose Lang – Richmond, MN

Tracy Benter & Brad Wiebensohn - Manitowoc, WI

February 28th, 2011

I feel better tonight. I went for a long run, which took away some of the guilt from your fantastic Poitahue food and incredible wine! This is one of the best places I had ever been! The lodge and staff are fantastic, the country is beautiful, and your free-range stag are wonderfully challenging. I am only sorry that my wife, Donna, didn´t shove this part of our Argentina adventure - Which means we must return! I cannot thank you enough!

Craig Boddington - Paso Robles, California

March 28th, 2009

Every thing was wonderful… except I thought the kitchen was too big!!

PS: We’ll be back!!

Jim Shockey - Canada

April 23rd, 2008

This was a trip of a life time. I hope to travel here again.

Jim Maxson, USA


It was a memorable stay that will provides memories for a life time. The entire staff makes you feel at home and takes care of your every need. I hope this was the first of many visits to Poitahue.

Scott Karriker, USA


My stay in Argentina was priceless I am sad to leave this beautiful country I have come to love the people it is most definitely an unspoiled location, it is as of this date 03-19-2004 the most wonderful pleasant a fulfilling trip I have ever experience. I took a very nice 17 points Stag, a Wild Goat, a Fallow deer, a Puma and a Water Buffalo that charged and fell a only 10 Steps !! Thanks you a God Bless you Argentina and his people.



"This place was out of this world! I'm a bow hunter and I can tell you that these guys really know their stuff. The guides are experienced and many are actually bow hunters themselves. They're set up to cater to bow hunters and provide different hunting options including spot and stalk or hunting from blinds or tree stands over food plots, watering holes and travel corridors. These guys have it all. You won't be disappointed."

Ken Vandervest

D&R Sports Center – Kalamazoo, Michigan

I have so much appreciation for all here at Poitahue. The hunt , the guides, the staff and the accommodations are all absolutely wonderful to me. My sincere thanks to Alejandro and his wife.

Kito Charles Mock, USA


It was a great week , a great hunt and some time with good people. I will remember it fondle.

Tony Ruggery, USA


Esto es lo que se llama estar en casa, me siento tan cobijado y a gusto con toda esta hospitalidad genuina que vos Alejandro nos brindas, muchísimas gracias por habernos dejado compartir esto con vos Francisco tu personal atento Abrazo Cordial.

Robby Bisi


As last year , we had a super time again. Hospitality, Cordiality, Food (to much..) and Accommodations were the best. We also had the privilege to spend some time with Mr Pini, What a Gentleman! What a elegant host! Sorry we almost drank his bar.. we are already counting days for our next trip in 2008.... Our group of 8 from Haiti says thanks a million to the whole staff for making this trip truly unforgettable.

Patrick Vorbe


Wanted to say Thanks for the wonderful hunting experience and the social contact with new friends made . A superior Hunting ranch. I will defenitly return.

US Hunter, 2006

I am shocked at how good of a time I had here at Poitahue. For a 5 star first class palace to hunt red stag this if the destination to be. I know and my friends next year. I absolutely had a blast . The hunting is amazing and the food 100%. Poitahue is still on my top 5 places to go even thought I have already been here Its no coming off.

Michael Kent Firestone


This was both my first bird hunt and my first trip to Argentina. What a wonderful experience!! Your staff was excellent plus accommodations were excellent. I am relaxed and very satisfied with my experiences.

Michael Vencel


I have to admit my time here at Poitahue has been amazing. The spectacular views are wonderful. I got a nice stag, and a good hog but If I didn't see a thing I still would have enjoyed it. And if you ever see a puma here, don't pass it up because if you do , you will probably never see it or another one again.



It is hard to find the words to describe our visit. I had a wonderful time. I watched as both of my boys took them first Stag. This is a most beautiful place. Everyone here was great. We will certainly be back. Our first hunt date.

Bill Park


This place is truly God's Country and my God Bless all you.



I never expected to find such Great hospitality in Argentina .The staff and personal were so gracious. The hunt , of course, was fantastic and beyond my wildest imagination . But more than the two wonderful red stag trophies, I will take back with me the memories of people I met and the Knowlwdge I gained. Until next year, vaya con Dios.

A. Eidson, USA

He pasado tres dias inolvidables en este maravilloso sitio con la compañía grata de Alejandro y Elvira , espero que no sea la ultima vez que nos veamos o bien aqui o en Espana.

Jose Luis


This was the first experience on a ranch and I had a very very good time. The food was very excellent and the staff was very nice and helpful . We had a great time out hunting. It was a wonderful pleasure to meet Alex...the kitchen staff. Our guide was very Knowable about the hunt. I shall remember this trip forever.

Dan and Derry Petre , Michigan


To all Poitahue. The facilities and hunting areas are top notch. Combine this with excellent cuisine and a staff that Exude hospitality makes Poitahue a world class hunting destination! Thanks for a great time!!.

Jim Murphy, Florida


We have enjoyed our stay and experiences during our stay at estancia Poitahue. We have hunted all over the world and believe the staff services here are the best we have seen, very attentive and extremely reactive to our every need. The last time we were in Argentina, it was for business and we were only in Buenos Aires. It was great to be in La Pampa and experience country living on a cattle ranch first hand. We thank all of you for our stay here.

Gary and Leslie Benmark . Tennessee USA


My experience here was out of this world! I cant say enough about food, facilities, hunting, but particularly the staff. They treated us like Kings and Queens. I was particularly thrilled with the opportunity to take a stay with my bow. My guide had the patience of Moses. Thanks you very much.

Mike Malek. Michigan


This was my first Trip to South America and I can't believe the wonderful experience I have had. The Estancia Poitahue is just fabulous, the staff has been so attentive and the meals have been excellent, the staff is focussed en the guests and the service is excellent. The hunting is everything hoped it would be. I have enjoyed each day and each day and each was amazing. The group we were with was so much fun; I hope I can do it again in the near future. Thanks you.

Jim Hubn, first hand.


I have enjoed my time here very much ! All the people of this Estancia all wonderful. The food is Super! Everyone is in charge to translate and help in anyway. My Guide was fantastic, thank you for the wonderful time!

Kam Seata, Michigan USA


In today's Hussel Bussel world it s a great relief to know that there are still places that truly cater to subtle luxury . Thanks for your genuine hospitality and eagerness to please. I will miss you all, thanks for the memories. It was super Bueno!

Y. Stomas Towson, Maryland


Great hunt, great people, weather.. I had a time of my life and memories that will last forever.

Good luck. God Bless.

Phillip Messer


Very very good time, love the people, love the weather, love almost. I wish we could have drinks and eat with people we enjoyed speaking time. Love for all.

Ropt Humphuy, USA


How absolutely wonderful! The ranch, the people, I do not want to go home. The hunt has so much fun; I will remember this experience here forever. Thank you very much.

Deidnejaye Chord Lewistown


A most pleasant and unexpected end to our trip. We never thought Argentina could be so beautiful and the people were fortuity. Your Ranch is an example of what a hunting complete should be . I am spoiled now and hunts in usa will never live up to the hospitality of Poitahue. I hope to return some day and we will recommend your operation to all our friends . Thanks you very much and may god bless you all.

North Carolina


Thanks you so very much this place is incredible! I hope to come back next year and hunt big game.

Tanner Wiethorn, Texas

Had a great time saw a lot of animals shot my animals early in the hunt and was able to relax at the ranch. Thanks for a great time.

Mike Hawson


Thanks you for allowing us to experience all of the beauty of Argentina. The memories we acquired are priceless! With wonderful guides who's guiding skills we were able to take a large ram, 2 red stags, a boar and a memorable pigeon shoot. Everyone was gracious and patient with us as we spoke very little Spanish. Many Thanks of opening your home to us.

Muchas gracias.

Bill and Kendra Dilegga.

Thanks you for the best hunt I have ever had. I have travelled over most of the world ranches, this is the best. Thank you very much. The hospitality here remembers me of my home, only the cooking is better. Thank you I hope to see you next year If you need a reference, you can contact me .



Agreat trip with a staff of very nice people. Thank you so much and I will be bach to hunt with you again.

Jim Mitchel, L.A. California


Dios nos hace conocer buena gente y de la otra. Agradecer por tanta buena gente es una deuda pendiente con el. Gracias siempre... un abrazo para todos Nacho.

Ignacio Saenz Valiente


Very great hunt harvesting 20 points stag gold medal. The very best hunt of my life, thank you very much.

Ed Shields. California.


Primera vuelta en Poitahue, montes y aguadas para cazar, paz para descansar y amigos para compartir. Excelntes guias y abundantes reses. Guardo para mi recuerdo una arrimada magistral...la completamos con un hermoso ciervo colorado al que no pudieron alertarlo ocho hembras a cincuenta metros escasos .

Sobro suerte, buena voluntad y alegría.

Jose Quiez


Paraíso terrenal donde se mezclan, la gente , la vegetación, el viento y las tierras de la pampa. Excelente lugar para compartir con gente que realmente te quiere.


Juan Muccialo


Pocas son las palabras para expresar lo vivido en estos días en la Estancia Poitahue, donde la camaradería y la buena predisposición de la gente que nos atendió fue excelente.

Estos Momentos nunca los olvidaré.

Rubén Galvez


Nunca creí demasiado en las casualidades, pero ahora me convenzo que Dios sabe hacer bien las cosas. Porque darle esta tierra generosa a alguien como Alejandro Pini, es un acto de pura justicia divina.

Alejandro te juro que esto no lo olvidare nunca y me sentí muy querido, gracias a tu enorme corazón.

Miguel Marengo


Tuve la suerte de conocer otros cotos, pero como este no, por la gente de aquí, por los guias ...Saben llevar todo al detalle, tanto sea para uno, un paraíso para el cazador, sigan asi para el bien nuestro.

Muchas Gracias

Yayo Hurlingam

Abril – 1997

The three North Americans came to chase red deer and make new friends. We have had a wonderful time both with the hunt and with the great hospitality of the people. We learned to throw the bolo and our argentines friends to shoot the Bow. Good luck on getting the turkeys started here soon. Until later, many thanks .

Henry Chidgey , Texas

Tom Moore Ohio

Jim Masil, Texas


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